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About Us.

OphthalmoMed launched in 2013 initially with the sole focus of providing  savings to clinics on their intravitreal injection packs. OphthalmoMed has since expanded dramatically in response to our client's needs both here in Australia and across the Tasman in New Zealand.


We now service major public hospitals, district health boards, ophthalmology suppliers and numerous private practices. OphthalmoMed's service offering now includes fully customisable procedure packs using our comprehensive range of the highest quality, surgical equipment.

Importantly, we do all of this at market leading prices. Our customers regularly report that we save their practices 50% on their ophthalmology supplies and we are dedicated to remaining competitive. 

Cut costs, not quality.

OphthalmoMed is dedicated to cutting costs for your practice. And we won't sacrifice quality to do it.

We work directly with our ISO 9000 Certified manufacturers to develop products that meet European Conformity Assessment Certification. All of our packs maintain TGA approval and WAND registration as registered medical devices. Our high-tech, sterile manufacturers are some of the largest world-wide and offer standards that guarantee absolute infection control.  All of our products come equipped with  Medi-tracking adhesive labels, allowing for batch tracking of all procedure items for individual patient records. 

Research and Innovation.

OphthalmoMed is constantly researching, listening and innovating to improve our products and uncover elements for further cost saving to pass on to customers.

We focus on identifying product lines that represent significant operating costs to our customers, thereby reducing practice overheads. 

We listen to what our clinician customers suggest as the best specifications for products, and work to continually improve our packs in-line with customer needs.

Research Team

Reliability and Continuity of Supply.

Man Carrying a Box

Reliability is a key pillar of our business at OphthalmoMed.

At any one time, we hold a high volume of our procedure packs in our Australian and New Zealand warehouses, to ensure there are no out of stock situations or in case our customers require supplies at short notice. Our distribution service comes direct from our dedicated warehouses to our customer's place of business.


We also ensure our promise of reliability by taking your customised orders directly to our sterile manufacturer. 

No middle men. No messages lost in translation. No additional markups through distributors.

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