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High-quality Ophthalmology supplies. For a fraction of the cost.

Cut down practice costs, without sacrificing quality. 

Intravitreal Injections Packs NZ & Australia

Our Product Range + Prices


Intravitreal Procedure Packs 

$12 p/item

Our best selling product contains all of the high-quality, sterile equipment needed for intravirteal eye procedures.

Sub Tenon Packs

$22 p/item

These ready-to-use procedure packs come with specialist instruments required to perform Sub Tenon anaesthesia.

Custom Procedure Packs


$12 p/item

Ophthalmomed offers a comprehensive range of high-quality, surgical instruments. Speak to us today about customising a pack for your practice needs.

Buy Intravitreal Injections Packs Australia and New Zealand WIDE


Our Product & Service Assurance


OphthalmoMed's packs and instruments maintain TGA approval and WAND registration as registered medical devices.


We take your customised order directly to our sterile manufacturer. No middle man, no messages lost in translation, and no additional markups through distributors.


OphthalmoMed's high tech sterile manufacturers are some of the largest world-wide and offer standards that guarantee absolute infection control.


OphthalmoMed's products meet European Conformity Assessment Certification


Customers report our prices are 50% less than their existing source of similar packs.

OphthalmoMed focusses on identifying product lines that represent a significant operating cost to our clients- thereby reducing Practice overheads.


OphthalmoMed provides reliable distribution direct from our warehouses to Ophthalmology Practices and Hospitals across Australia and New Zealand. A high volume of OphthalmoMed packs are held in stock at any time, to avoid out of stock situations.

Quality Assurance

Our mission is to provide clinics with the highest quality, sterile ophthalmology procedure packs.

For the best possible prices.

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Here's what our customers say.

"OphthalmoMed have been consistently supplying our  customised, Intravitreal procedure packs for over 3-years now. The packs are consistently high quality, beautifully packaged and most competitively priced." 

Central Sydney Ophthalmology Practice

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